Fresh Starts

I have always enjoyed starting new things; the clean lined-paper, the blank canvas, the new years and days.They all allow me to have the feeling that I am, in some way, beginning again- that I don’t have to think about what happened yesterday. That’s not to say that I don’t end up thinking about the days gone by- I like to think about fond memories and to flick through old photo albums and reminisce about how cute I used to be.

But nonetheless, I have created this blog- this fresh start- to enjoy the present. To write, to create and to document things as I go. Feel free to tag along, I digress and go off on tangents practically all the time so you’re guarenteed a bit of confusion, some laughs and I guess some insight into me.

Also, if you don’t feel like tagging along that’s totally cool. I’m writing this for me and if you enjoy the things I put up then that’s an added bonus.

Stay well dudes,



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