A Natural War.

Nature is what we come from,
That much is a fact.
But like soldiers of corruption,
We blindly continue our attack
On the innocent land that keeps us afloat,
The gases and fumes surround us
as we let nature slowly choke.

Savage are we humans,
Breaking this green world down,
And torching that which we rely on,
And tearing it to the ground.
“If I listen closely,” I say staring at a cloud,
“Would I hear the land scream?”
Listen; Silence deafeningly loud.

Trees chopped and wood shopped
As we greedily slap on our brands,
But through our materialism and money
Do we stop to see the blood on our hands?
Extinction rates rise as we drive nature to the brink,
Ice caps melt and rain-forests die,
Will we ever stop and think?!

It doesn’t have to be this way,
We can lay our weapons down.
Attempt to fix what we have done,
Plant seeds into the ground.
We cannot replace all we have lost.
Our achievements are many,
But earned at great cost.

© Elizabeth G. Lee

Thank you for reading that. It’s my first poem that I’ve felt brave enough post on here. Nature and the world we live in is super important and is something I think we should all cherish.

Stay well dudes,


I saw this and thought it fit the post really well. This is their website: http://www.soniarentsch.com/ 


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