Pipe Cleaner Days

I used to sit at my desk,
With sugar paper plans,
Free of all life’s stress,
With a pencil in my hand.

I was spontaneous, didn’t plan ahead,
Creativity at my finger tips,
Splodges of paint, pink and red,
PVA glue peeling from my lips.

I wrote with zeal and with zest,
Stories of orange eating monsters,
Plots that truly outshone the rest,
Plots that were really quite bonkers.

O how I miss those pipe cleaner days,
How I miss feeling 10 feet tall,
It isn’t as fun writing up essays.
Life was great when I was small.

© Elizabeth G. Lee

Thank you for reading that! I wrote this today in my break at work. Some colleagues and I were discussing primary school and primary school teachers and I felt inspired to write a little piece. When we’re living the fun moments, we don’t tend appreciate them until they’re over or until we are experiencing a less-fun time in our lives. I miss the freedom of reception class where we could draw pictures and make collages of scrunched up tissue paper, pipe cleaners and an obscene amount of PVA glue. But life is still fun now; even though I have to write essays, they’re not terrible to write. Some essays are fun, and also I still get to do what I love; creatively write and ponder.

Side note: When I was 7 I actually did pen a little story called, ‘The Orange Eating Monster’. Sadly, it appears to have been lost to the ravages of time and growing up (AKA the ruthlessness of the bedroom clear out.)

Stay well dudes,



My own creation. ‘Paradise’ by Elizabeth G. Lee, aged 10.


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