The Hair Diaries. Volume 2

Hi! Hey! Hello! Greetings! Salutations!

It is now 12 days until I will be having my head shaved in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support charity and I am beyond excited, after days and weeks of ticking off days on my calendar, waiting for March 31st.

Since my last post, I have procured an electric razor, so I can now say with dizzying enthusiasm that I am ready for the day to arrive. My friends who have also had their heads shaved have warned me that my head for the first few weeks will get very cold, so hats are an essential. My growing collection of beanies finally has a more substantial purpose than just being there so that I can occasionally adorn my head with a barely-on-beanie, so as to appear like the wannabe-hipster that I can honestly say I am.

Hair is currently 12 inches (approx)

Stay well dudes,

Elizabeth (Lizz)

P.S I am happy to note that my friends have assured and promised me that there will not be any phallic symbols being shaved into my head; Yippee!


I tried to pose in a cute way with the razor but I have discovered it is extremely difficult to do so, so I apologize for my demonic-looking expression.


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