About Osbwaec



Art work of me by LC Davison


Hi! Hey! Hello! Greetings! Salutations!

My name is Elizabeth (or Lizz) and this is my bloggy corner of the internet. Please wipe your feet, take your shoes off at the door and come on in!

Here you’ll find some of my ramblings, thoughts and sometimes I post my poems, too. Poetry is something that is very important to me, as well as literature in general, so I read quite a lot and I’ve always been scribbling down poems and prose on restaurant napkins when I can (I also am partial to notebooks, but no matter how many of them I own, there’s never one to hand… same goes for pens now that I think about it…) As you may already be able to tell, I go off on tangents quite a lot so I suppose this will be the place where my tangent-tributaries will meet every once in a while at a confluence and flow into a cohesive mouth of musings… and if you couldn’t tell from that sentence right there, I love geography.

At the moment, I am doing my A-Level courses at 6th form which as you may be able to imagine takes up a lot of my spare time that I could have for writing for fun.

Anywho and anyways, I hope you enjoy this little nook of the internet. If you don’t then that’s cool, it’s here for my own enjoyment rather than yours.