The Hair Diaries. Volume 3

Hi! Hello! Greetings! Salutations!

It occurred me as I pandiculated this morning, that I had not updated the Hair Diaries blog series and it’s been over a week since I had my head shaved! Shave on me! (Not my best pun, however hopefully this will partially make up for the laziness on my part…)

It happened. The whole shebang was completed at 12:30pm on March 31st 2017 in the sunny outside quarters of my sixth form. Allow me to set the scene: My good friend Lee-Anne began to bobble up my hair whilst a crowd gathered (including my mum and LC (the illustrator of my icon)) and I shuffled nervously in my seat. The whole event was livestreamed on my facebook account, so watching it back a few times has been a joy and in some ways a surprise; I didn’t stop smiling for the whole 23 minute recording! Although it had been planned that the head teacher of my school would be making the first cut and shave of my then-luscious locks, he unfortunately was away on the day and so the task was delegated to my friend Eva, much to her own extreme excitement. Once the hair was all bobbled-up, we began a countdown from ten and then… HAIRCUT ACTIVATED! I’m not gonna lie, the cutting aspect of the hair hurt a wee bit however my heavily pulled-on scalp was quick to recover and soon I had a pretty… um… funky hairdo, as you can expect mid-cut.



A funky do. (featuring Eva the prime-mover of the shave, and Lee-Anne the chief shave supervisor)

Once that part was over and the donation boxes were being shaken and passed around by my two helping buddies, Lizzie and Jesi, the shaving began. Now, having never experienced an electric shaver on my scalp before, and also having never experienced a head massage before, it does seem slightly incorrect that I should liken it to one, however I have been told I have pretty good imagination and, upon that statement, it was basically THE BEST HEAD MASSAGE EVER. Eva did the first one, straight down the middle of my head and then Lee-Anne took over, changing the razor attachment to a shorter one each time until finally we reached ‘1’. I was wearing a bin bag for the 25 minute duration and I personally think I could pull off the look, although my mum disagreed, but it did do a good job of catching all the stray clumps of hair that didn’t make it into the ‘hair-bag’ I was holding. Then, just like that, I was (practically) bald!



The after effect! (ft. Lee-Anne’s hand)


I couldn’t have done it without the continued support of my friends, family and teachers. It was truly an honour to do this for Macmillan and raise over £1000.

Current hair stats are…

Hair length: 1.5cm (it’s been a week since the shave when it was just under 1cm)
Happiness with hair: 10/10
Hair that got donated: Sadly none, and this part is on my laziness: I have owned a broken hair dryer for 3 years (aka since it broke) and because of this, every time I dried my hair the heat setting was stuck on VERY HIGH and there was no way to fix it. Now, me being me, just assumed “hey it dries my hair which is the purpose of it. Guess it’s fine”… No, Lizz. No. Heat damage is a thing that exists and unfortunately my hair was very damaged because of it. The positive side of this is that I have now learned from my mistake and gotten rid of the broken appliance! Huzzah!
Even though my hair could not be donated, I still managed to raise over £1000 which I’m really proud of. Thank you so, so, so , so much to everyone who donated and supported!

Stay well dudes,

Elizabeth (Lizz)




Me, a Brave Shaver. ❤


The Hair Diaries. Volume 1

Hi! Hey! Hello! Greetings! Salutations!

Welcome to the Hair Diaries, where I’m gonna be talking hair…. obviously. On the 22nd January 2017 I finally bucked up the courage to set a date for me to shave my head. But this isn’t any old head shave, this is in fact one that I’m doing to raise funds for the cancer charity of Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s an incredible charity (which I am aware can be said about all charities because supporting causes is something that unites us as people) and incredibly worthy of donations and support.

The countdown of days has now gotten to 24 days, and while I am a little nervous that my friend who is shaving might shave a phallic symbol into my scalp (even though she is very trustworthy, I worry the temptation will become too much), I am very excited for this new fresh start with my hair and also I’m excited by the act of doing something for charity. I have partaken in bake sales before to aid a charity very close to my heart, CLAPA (the Cleft Lip And Palate Association) and the reward is just really nice. The phrase ‘really nice’ doesn’t really do that feeling justice, but I think you get the essence of what I’m saying.
**side note: this isn’t a post where I’m bragging about charity work. I just think it’s an important thing**

So yeah, beside a possible penis-shape on my scalp which is highly unlikely, I’m really looking forward to 31st March 2017. I will be updating this with along my hair journey. I’ve been so super overwhelmed by the amount of support and donations I have received for this, not to mention extremely thankful for it.

The link for my BraveTheShave profile is linked here.

Thank you for reading,

Elizabeth (Lizz)